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Situated on the "Destra Crati" hills, the estate Chimento, away from caos and the city bustle, is part of a precious and extraordinary context, with unmistakable, always devoted to growing grapes. The 15-acre property, leads the vineyard, cultivated in the traditional. In addition to the typical Calabrian native grapes, Magliocco Dolce and Greco Bianco, the production does not give up the positive contributions of the noble international varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon , which are perfectly integrated in this unique habitat, finding the ideal breeding ground to fully express their characteristics. The quality excellence, born among the vineyards and the grapes, because it is the basis for a great wine. The vineyard quality, is given by the care for the essential treatments, constancy and methodical in work and traditional respect, in order to obtain from the plant a natural product, reflecting the scents and the origin land characteristics. The mild climate, fertile soil, type of clay from the characteristic color "reddish", the ground’s shape, the excellent sun exposure and the climate, helps man’s care. The love for life, passion for the job, the preference of quality, and the entrepreneurial spirit are the strengths of this company that offers a quality wines collection. In 2002 the architect Vincenzo Chimento giving a strong boost to the family business, has supervised the renovation of the splendid house 800 immersed in the vineyard where the acrese poet Vincenzo Padula, one of the greatest exponents of Italian verismo, spent his summer holidays; Today the charming and picturesque farm is home to a cozy tasting point, ideal place to enjoy tasting the main company product: the wine

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